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We use a combination of high quality Australian grown vegetables and meat prepared fresh each day.

Food Services

We supply restaurants and food service venues with high quality frozen and chilled products. Our clients have the ability developing with us their unique product or they can purchase our own range of tasty products.

The sauces we produce are versatile so that our customers can continually create meals which satisfy their clients with a dining experience that brings them back for more.

Our pricing will also amaze you!!



We have highly qualified & experienced chefs who develop new food products and manufacturing technologies which means that you can be confident we can develop and supply what you and your customers want. Our aim is to support the food service industry so that people can enjoy high quality natural products. We are passionate about producing quality consistent food and we will do all of the hard work for you.

With a well equipped test kitchen we perform tests during various stages of production as our goal is to provide a high standard food product which not only tastes great but is also very safe.

Consumers are more and more opting for healthier lifestyles as well as the foods to help them achieve that goal. Our products are inherently healthy and also actually have a superior taste. We use only the finest ingredients to produce products with which your customers can be creative and satisfy a variety of tastes, appetites and eating occasions throughout the world.



We have a world class state of the art production facility which is what makes us unique as we can manufacture a wide range of products. This equipment gives us the versatility to produce high volume consistent products. We can produce both high and low viscosity soups & sauces with or without particulates. Our processes also give us the ability to manufacture formed meat & vegetable products.

Your brand, your recipes, our food processing plant. You can refresh your brand with new frozen food recipes; refresh your bottom line by allowing +our R&D staff perform their magic and create products to give your customers something unique at an affordable cost.



Saizeriya’s Global Supply Chain manages the manufacturing process from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. You can be confident that we can deliver our frozen sauces and soups to both domestic and international locations.

We can manufacture to order and we can load products onto trucks or into containers and we can arrange both domestic and international freight.


Food Retail

Our healthy tasty products ensure that in this fast paced life you can spend quality time with family and friends.

With our unique manufacturing facility we can produce whatever sauce and soup you can imagine.

The products not only taste great but are also nutritional and give you the flexibility of creating your own special meals. You can also have the choice of frozen or chilled depending on your requirements and location.

All our products use fresh natural ingredients which means you can provide your clients with tasty, wholesome healthy meals to eat and share.


Creation Brings Satisfaction!



We have the capability of producing high quality consistent soups, sauces and formed meat products.

Our current standard range is:


  • Pasta sauces - Meat Bolognaise, Napoli, Pesto, Carbonara
  • Béchamel Sauce


  • Minestrone
  • Sweet Corn
  • Pumpkin

Meat Products

  • Hamburgers
  • Crumbed Burgers


Any other products within the above range which our clients want developed.