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We use a combination of high quality Australian grown vegetables and meat prepared fresh each day.

Chilled Ready Meals

Healthy, tasty chilled ready meals

Consumers deserve quality food which has a fresh taste, better nutritional value as well as a long shelf life.

Increasingly consumers are wanting "more natural products with a high nutritional value".

Our system uses the internationally acclaimed Micvac process which pasteurises the meal in a short period of time, thereby maintaining a high nutritional value resulting in consumers receiving high quality, healthy meals.

Consumers also prefer to have a variety of meals from around the world which we can do!

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Chilled Ready Meals is a growing market segment as consumers are searching for ways to reduce their food preparation time but still have a "healthy" meals. 

Busy lives means less time available to prepare great food for home. This is where we can help you help your consumers.

Our process provides meals which are:
  • easy to serve
  • no need to pierce the packaging prior to cooking
  • there is just the "right" amount
  • the meal is delicious!

The meal even whistles when it's ready, and the vacuum seal provides further reassurance to the customer.