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We use a combination of high quality Australian grown vegetables and meat prepared fresh each day.

Company Values


We will be honest and reliable in all that we do as well as maintain the highest level of service.


We live quality as we ensure that we not only meet our customers’ needs but we also exceed their expectations for all of our products and services.


Our employees are our greatest asset and they are genuinely enthusiastic, creative and loyal. All employees are given the opportunity to grow and develop their potential.


We listen to our customers and develop a close working relationship which results in a rewarding partnership.


We encourage and foster creativity as we want to be at the forefront of innovation


we want to work with the community to develop a strong partnership so we can grow together.


Safety in everything that we do is paramount. There are no short cuts.

Accountability & Responsibility

We will always encourage and support our staff to be responsible as well as accountable in all aspects of their role. We have a passion for excellence and believe in open communication across the whole organistion.